Wedding & Parties

The day of a wedding is one of life’s biggest experiences: a special occasion to be celebrated with family and friends. What could be more romantic than having a wedding here, in this magnificent park filled with flowers and sculptures?

The Mirror Hall in Rottneros Park is one of Värmland’s most beautiful venues for parties or festive occasions, with its wonderful chandeliers and fantastic view over the park’s lake. Just made for a fairytale wedding! 

Although we will gladly arrange everything you can, of course, organise your own food and drink.

The marriage ceremony can be performed in a local church, in the park’s Bible Garden or in any of the fantastic places that can be found in Rottneros Park. Choose the place for your big moment yourself!

Satisfied Guests

Many thanks for helping us so much with our wedding.

- Lina & Anders

Thank you so much for making our wedding so memorable!

- Caroline & Mårten.

Thank you, Rottneros Park, for helping us to arrange our wedding dinner and reception! It was so successful and everything went very smoothly. We are so very happy with “our” day and are very satisfied with the service you provided. We had so much fun and have since had a lot of positive feedback from our friends. Many said it was the loveliest and most fun wedding they had even been to so, once again, a big THANK YOU!

- Kristina & Magnus