There are over a hundred sculptures and reliefs in the park. Most of them are the work of well-known Nordic sculptors active in the period between the end of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century. As Svante Påhlson was keen to support modern art, and sculptors in particular, he chose mostly work by contemporary sculptors. He picked a number of pieces of historical interest from different eras, probably based on the pedagogical idea of setting these pieces of contemporary work in a context of cultural history. They included Nike from Samothrake (Hellenistic era) and Diana from Anet, by Jean Goujon (1510-1565). Most of the sculptures in the park are copies, more often than not made in bronze casts.

Work by Swedish sculptors includes twelve pieces by Carl Eldh, seven by Christian Eriksson, six by Eric Grate, five by Gunnar Nilsson, five by Per Hasselberg, four by Tore Strindberg, four sculptures from the Orfeus Group and an Engelbrekt study by Carl Milles. Only one woman is represented in the collection of sculptures: Astri Bergman-Taube made the bust of Selma Lagerlöf that can be found on Carl Eldh’s parterre. 

Sculptors from the other Nordic countries include Gustav Vigeland, Jussi Mäntynen, Kai Nielsen, Arne Durban and Asmundur Sveinsson.