How big is Rottneros Park?

– The park covers an area of 22 hectares. 

Who owns Rottneros Park?

– The Park is now owned by The Greta and Svante Påhlson Memorial Foundation.

Who runs the park?

– The park is run by Rottneros Park Trädgård AB, a company owned by the local council.

Who created the park and why?

– Svante Påhlson created Rottneros Park between the years 1932 and 1959. He was manager of the Rottneros Mill and lived in the mansion in Rottneros Park. Svante Påhlson’s own explanation as to why the park was created is: “The park and the sculptures, like the architecture, should all reinforce the romantic shimmer of “Ekeby” in Gösta Berling’s Saga and allow them to merge with the surrounding countryside…”

Is the mansion open to visitors?

– No, it is the private home of Toste Påhlson Möller. He is the grandson of Svante Påhlson, who founded Rottneros Park.

How many people work in the park?

– There is one person who is employed all year round. Six people work in the garden in the summer, and a further ten in the Entrance and Café.

When do the rhododendron bushes come into bloom?

– They flower at the end of May and in early June.

If you bring your own picnic, where in the park are you allowed to sit and eat it?

– You can eat your own food anywhere, but not in the café areas of course. Down by the lake is a beautiful place for enjoying a picnic.

Is Rottneros Park suitable for the disabled?

– Yes, Rottneros Park has been adapted so that everyone can enjoy a visit here. We even lend out wheelchairs.

Are pushchairs available for rent?

– We rent small pull-along wagons that are big enough for a small child (or two) to sit in.


Are dogs allowed in the park?

– Yes, they are. They need to be kept on a lead, of course, and you must also clean up after them. Waste bags are available at the Entrance.

Is there a place where you can have a barbeque in the park?

– Yes there is, at the bathing area down by Lake Fryken, behind the mansion.


Are food and refreshments available in the park?

– Yes. Our cosy café, which is situated right at the Entrance, has a tempting selection of light lunches, ice cream, tea, coffee, soft drinks and, naturally, homemade cakes. You can sit either indoors or out on the patio, which overlooks the Herb Garden, and enjoy the park environment. 


Is there a shop on the premises that sells souvenirs?

– Yes. Our fine Mansion Shop has a large assortment of products on offer.

Do you have to pay the full entrance fee even if you come just before closing time?

– You pay full price regardless of when you arrive.

Are you allowed to be in the park after closing time?

– Yes. You can be in the park after closing time if you have paid the entrance fee. The playgrounds are accessible all the time but the rides close at 15.00 hrs (low season) and 15.30 hrs (peak season).

Is there a place where you can bathe at Rottneros Park?

– Of course there is! There is a lovely bathing area down by the lake. Cross the railway behind the mansion and carry straight on, down to the water.


Are Little Anna and the Long Uncle still there?

– No, they were removed several years ago. However, the playground has many new, fun attractions for children to enjoy.

When I was young, the park had wolves and other animals. Do you still have them?

– No, we don’t. Rottneros Park doesn’t have any animals at all.


When is the park at its best?

- It is beautiful all the time, just in different ways. 

In May and June, the rhododendron and azalea bushes flower. 
In June, annuals and the “Idea Gardens” are planted. 
In July, the roses are at their best. 
In August and September, the perennials in the Flower Garden are at their prime.